2021, February 1st to March 7th | Santa Maria Island, Azores
Run when you can, when you want, how many times you can

We have been thinking about how we could bring you the experience on the trails, the atmosphere and the sharing of emotions that make the Columbus Trail so special.


We've listened to your requests and hopes and it is clear that we all miss being together in community and outdoor on the trails of Santa Maria Island.


So, in 2021, Columbus Trail will become virtual.


By joining the virtual format, we can still enjoy the camaraderie, competition and fun of the event, although in a slightly different way.


A virtual event allows everyone to participate safely in their own way, according to their convenience and at times that work best for each one.


Each one will be able to choose the route they would like to run among the CT 2020 courses. Times will be mesured and recorded on the Strava platform.

What is Virtual CT


The event will take place between February 1st and March 7th, 2021 in the Island of Santa Maria, in Azores. During this period, you can choose the day and time you prefer to run.

Isn't the weather good? Are the streams running? Don't have time today?


No problem! You can run or walk on days when you consider the conditions to be perfect for you.

You can choose to run or walk in one of the 4 routes of the event:

- CTB Columbus Trail for Beginners, with 14,8k

- CTHM Columbus Trail Half Marathon, with 21,4k

- CTM Columbus Trail Marathon , with 44,2k

- CGT Columbus Grand Trail, with 76,6k

The trails won't be marked, but you may find all details about the routes here

Please, study the route before starting the race.

When & Where

Davide Sousa - Columbus 2020 - 9.jpg

During this period, any person can run or walk on the trails.


But, if you want to join the competition, record your time, win t-shirt and finisher and try for the prizes, you need to sign up here and follow the step by step to sign up below.


When signing up for the Virtual Columbus Trail you agree to follow the recommendations of the Health Department related to Covid Pandemic:

- run/walk alone or in group of maximum 8 people

- where masks if you meet anyone before, during or after the race

Of course, for now we will miss sharing a beer and stories all together, but we can still have a shared experience, run with our friends and support the Azores Trail Run® and trail community, within the rules imposed by the authorities.

Share the idea with your friends, challenge them, publish your results on social media. Let's keep the trail running spirit alive.

Who can participate


Many major events have become virtual we have already had many doubts about the viability of the format, but this event has everything to be successful. 


A virtual race is essentially an event that takes place over a certain period of time, is recorded in GPS and tracking applications, is shared and disseminated through social networks and the event's website.


To control the running time of the route, each participant must download their run or walk on Strava. And we will use an application called EZ Race that will automatically get the data from Strava.

Find below the step by step for you to get your efforts recorded.

We trust in your fair play. But, by the way, Strava recognize when you are trying to cheat it.

Virtual Race & Time Control


Everyone who signs up for the Virtual Columbus Trail will win a t-shirt from the event.


Those who finish the course will receive a finisher prize.


The winners will be promoted on the social networks.

Finishers and t-shirts will be sent in mid-March.


Classifications and activity posts will be updated regularly on the networks to motivate each other and keep pace with the Columbus Trail. Don't forget to publish and share your activities and results with the #columbustrail2021


And yet: you will walk in nature, the trails will know it and you will enjoy it. Have fun!

Finishers  & Prizes

Davide Sousa - Columbus 2020 - 43.jpg

You will run and walk on your own. There won't be support and aid stations. Don't give chance to bad luck:

- Study the route before starting

- Use proper gear for the route (check bellow)

- Don't forget food and water

- Inform people that you know when and where you are going to run or walk

- Check the batteries of your phone and take a replacement battery with you

- Pay attention to weather forecast

- All trails are open to all users during the even. Competitors must respect the environment, other hikers and runners and follow the appropriate trail etiquette.

- All routes pass through several roads and river crossings. Be careful when crossing roads and pay attention to traffic. The river crossings are usually dry, but sometimes they can be 50 cm deep.

Be safe! Have fun!

Safety, Aid Station & Equipment


Mask, whenever the physical distance recommended by the health authorities cannot be guaranteed;

Backpack or similar equipment;

Water bottle or equivalent of 0.5 liter capacity, minimum;

Thermal blanket (min. 100 × 200 cm);


Windbreaker / waterproof jacket;

Operational mobile phone (with sufficient balance and battery);

Food reserve;


1 Flashlight / Head light, with replacement batteries;

Recommended Gear


Trails Etiquette in Covid Times

Running and Walking are the ideal outdoor recreational activities for these pandemic times, since it is allowed to go out for exercise and get some fresh air, following the guidelines of social distance, use of mask and hand hygiene.

Do not go on the trails if you have or have had any of the following signs and symptoms in the last 14 days, or if any of the following circumstances occur:
• Fever: temperature equal to or greater than 38ºC;
• Cough and / or breathing difficulties;
• Sore throat (odynophagia);
• Loss of smell and / or taste;
• General malaise, fatigue, generalized muscle pain and / or headache (headache);
• Diarrhea, nausea and / or vomiting;
• Family member or close person who manifested any of the previous symptoms;
• Has been in contact with someone diagnosed with covid-19 or suspected of having contracted the disease;
• If you belong to a risk group.

As with all outdoor sport activities, you should only walk if you are healthy.

Wear a mask and keep the sanitary distance (minimum of 2 meters when standing and 10 meters in motion) when close to people or groups that do not belong to the same household.

You should do the tours alone or accompanied by members of the same household or people who live together. Avoid times when there is a greater concentration of people on the trails.

ATTENTION: gatherings of more than 8 people are not allowed.

Wear a mask whenever you know that other people may be present, slow down and warn people when you are approaching, so that you can pass them.

If the trail is too narrow and does not allow passage by maintaining the safe distance, exit the trail and wait for the other person or group of people to pass.

Monitor your health status daily, paying special attention to the signs and symptoms mentioned above and measuring body temperature.

Do not share objects, food and beverages and avoid places with crowds and that you consider not safe.

Plan an alternative plan in case the activity is not possible or safe at the time you had planned

Do not get together in groups before or after the activity.

You can find updated information here

covid 19 rules for Santa Maria Island

Santa Maria Island is considered a region with low risk of contagion. Click here to know the safety and prevention measures in the region

Máscara de exibição




Follow this Step by Step to join the Virtual Columbus Trail. Do not skip any steps or your effort may not be recorded.


Go to EZ Race to register for the Virtual Columbius Trail


Click the "Connect to Strava" link. If you have an account, log in to Strava; otherwise, create a new account, which can be done for free. IMPORTANT: When asked to authorize EZ Race to connect to Strava, make sure that “Show data about your public profile” and “Show data about your activities” are checked and click Authorize.


"Show data about your public profile” and “Show data about your activities” must be checked!


Back in the EZ Race, select the events you want to participate in.


Now it's time for real fun! Go out and run or walk, recording your activity on Strava or a GPS device and upload it to Strava when you finished. IMPORTANT: When saving your activity, be sure to include #Columbustrail2021 in the title, so that it can be seen by everyone, so that EZ Race recognizes the activity and includes it in the results. It is so easy!



in the title



Go to the Trails!

Have Fun!

Enjoy Santa Maria! 

Don't forget to share your activities in social medias, invite your friends.


Columbus Trail Facebook Page 


Columbus Trail Club on Strava for updates on the event.